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Canon Pixma Ix6820 Setup & Installation Assistance

The Canon Pixma Ix6820 Printer is an inkjet printer with a lot of built-in features. It provides fast outputs with high-quality images. The printer offers both WiFi and Ethernet options. It also has mobile printing features capable of printing through cloud and AirPrint.

Canon Pixma Ix6820 setup

Canon Pixma Ix6820 Setup

  • The Canon Pixma IX6820 setup is simple. Check if the package is sealed properly.
  • If sealed correctly, open the package.
  • Check if all the additional supplies of the printer are present.
  • Power up the printer by connecting it to the wall socket.
  • Power On the printer using the Power button.
  • Set and save your preferences such as language, country, date & time.
  • The initial setup is complete.

Canon Pixma Ix6820 Driver

A driver bridges the gap between your printer and computer. It should be installed on your system to use the operations of the printer.

It can be installed using the installation CD or by downloading Canon Pixma Ix6820 driver from the net.

In-built drivers are also available which will install once the printer is connected to the computer.

Installing a Canon Ix6820 driver is a simple process.

Canon Pixma IX6820 driver for mac

  • The drivers for Mac can be installed using the CD, or it can also be downloaded from the net.
  • Older versions of Mac have CD drives in it which lets you install the driver on your system.
  • Insert the CD in the drive and give necessary permissions for the driver to install on your Mac system. Choose the mode of connection halfway through installation.
  • Else, Open your browser and key in your search. Download the Canon Pixma IX6820 driver for MAC from a trusted website and install it on your Mac. For further Canon Pixma Ix6820 setup related guidance just reach our experts.

Canon Pixma Ix6820 Driver For Windows

  • The driver is the bridge that associates your computer and printer. It has to be installed on your computer.
  • The driver can be downloaded using two ways; from the net or by using the installation CD.
  • Prior to installation, clean up all the temp files in your computer to clear the accumulated space.
  • Insert the CD in the drive. The file is recognized automatically and asks for installation. Agree to the terms & conditions, and start the installation process.
  • If downloading from the net, open your browser and enter the search query in the search bar.
  • Visit any one of the trusted websites and download the Canon Pixma IX6820 driver for windows.

Canon Pixma Ix6820 Wireless Setup

Canon IX6820 has a wireless feature which lets you connect the device and the printer wirelessly. To use this feature, you have to carry out the following steps.

  • First, enable the easy wireless connect on your printer. Switch on your printer and press the Home button.
  • Tap the Wireless Connect icon on the control panel of your printer. Tap Yes in the screen that is displayed. Instructions are displayed on the device to carry out other operations.
  • When installing the driver file, the mode of connection has to be chosen by you. Wait till that screen pops up.
  • Choose the connection as wireless and connect it to the router. The installation process continues, and the driver files will be installed successfully. For further Canon Pixma Ix6820 wireless setup related support just reach our experts.

Canon Pixma Ix6820 Wireless Setup Mac

Turn the printer On using the Power button. Tap the Wireless Connect option in your printer’s control panel for the Canon Pixma Ix6820 setup process.

  • Select LAN settings and choose Wireless LAN option.
  • Under Lan option, choose Wireless LAN Setup and press Easy Wireless Connect. Tap OK in the next screen that appears.
  • Now unlock your Mac system and click Next in the Setup screen.
  • Specify the User name and password in the given bars, choose the Install Helper option.
  • Select Start Setup option and then set your preferences. The status of the printer is then notified.
  • Then, choose the connection mode and select the router you want to connect to.
  • Enter the credentials and tap Next. The drivers are installed in the next step.
  • After the installation, Click Add Printer option to add your printer to the list.
  • Once you add the printer, your Canon Pixma Ix6820 wireless setup for MAC process gets completed.

Canon Pixma Ix6820 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a printer is needed when an issue arises with the printer. Errors or issues are common with printers. They occur due to reasons such as loose connections, driver problems, power supply issues, etc., They can be fixed with the efficient Canon Pixma Ix6820 troubleshooting ideas offered by the technical team. Dial our Toll-Free number to get instant Canon Pixma Ix6820 setup related guidance.

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