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Canon Pixma TS3120 Setup & Troubleshooting Assistance

Canon Pixma TS3120 printer has wireless compatibility which is time-saving and pocket-friendly

Canon Pixma TS3120 Setup

  • Initial setup has to be performed for all the printers to make use of its functions.
  • First, check the seal of the package. Open it if it is sealed properly.
  • Else, return it to the manufacturer.
  • Open the package and take the printer out of the box for the Canon Pixma TS3120 setup process. Place it on a steady surface to avoid any damages.
  • Power up the canon TS3120 printer by connecting it to the wall power supply.
  • Plug in one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the wall socket.
  • Switch On the printer. Set the preferences in the next screen.
  • Preferences such as language, country, date, and time can be set.
  • Install the cartridges in their slots and take a test print.
Canon Pixma ts3120 Setup

Canon Pixma ts3120 ink cartridge install

Canon Pixma Ts3120 Ink Cartridge Install
  • The Canon Pixma TS3120 needs two individual cartridges to print, copy, and fax.
  • It makes use of a black cartridge and a colored ink cartridge.
  • To install the cartridges, open the cartridge access door. Wait patiently until the carriage slot moves to one side of the printer.
  • The black cartridge slot is indicated by a black dot and the colored slot is denoted by a colored dot.
  • Open the new Canon Pixma Ts3120 ink cartridge from its package. Insert the cartridges in their respective slots.
  • Close the cartridge access door to take a test print just to ensure proper working.

Canon Pixma TS3120 driver download

  • A driver is a mediator that connects your computer and printer. It has to be installed on your computer as a part of Canon Pixma TS3120 setup process.
  • A Canon Pixma TS3120 driver download can be done either from the net or by using the installation CD.
  • Before installation, clear the temp files in your computer to free up more space.
  • Insert the CD in the drive and close it. The file recognizes automatically and asks for installation. Agree to it and start the installation process.
  • If downloading from the web, open your browser and enter the search query in the search bar.
  • Visit any of the trusted websites and download the Canon Pixma TS3120 driver.

Canon Pixma TS3120 manual

  • The canon printer consists of a manual that contains all the instructions related to the printer. It contains guidelines right from setting up till troubleshooting your printing.
  • It is provided along with the manual at the time of purchase. It is also available online. You can visit the site and download the manual for any printer model.
  • It will help you troubleshoot all the issues that occur with your printer at any time.
  • The Canon Pixma TS3120 manual also tells you how to establish connections, print, scan, copy, and fax with your printer.

Canon Pixma TS3120 wireless setup

  • Connect the printer to the power supply. Turn the printer On by using the power button.
  • Tap the Wireless Connect option in the LCD panel of the printer. Under that, choose LAN settings.
  • After selecting LAN settings, choose the Easy Wireless Connect option.
  • When the next screen appears, choose Yes when the prompt asks – Display the setting on the Device or Smartphone. Ok?.
  • Unlock your device and select Start Setup in the setup screen. Choose the mode of connection. Select your router from the displayed list and enter the password.
  • Wait until the Canon Pixma TS3120 wireless setup is complete and take a test report to make sure if the printer is connected properly.

How to connect Canon TS3120 printer to wifi

  • In the initial Canon Pixma TS3120 setup process, connect the printer to the wall power supply. Take a, USB cable, connect one end of the cable to the printer and the other end to the wall socket.
  • Switch on the printer. Tap on the Wireless connect option. The printer starts searching for networks to connect to.
  • Once the list is displayed, select the desired network and specify the password to connect.
  • The printer is now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Canon Pixma TS3120 wireless setup mac

  • Turn the printer On using the Power button. Tap the Wireless Connect option in your printer.
  • Select LAN settings and choose Wireless LAN option.
  • Under it choose Wireless LAN Setup and Press Easy Wireless Connect. Choose OK in the next window.
  • Open your Mac system; click Next in the Setup screen.
  • Specify the User name and the password and choose Install Helper.
  • Select Start Setup and then set your preferences. The status of the printer is then checked.
  • Choose the mode of connection and choose the router you want for the Canon Pixma TS3120 setup process.
  • Enter the credentials and press Next. The drivers will now be installed.
  • After the installation completes, Tap Add Printer option to add your printer.
  • Once you add the printer, the Canon pixma TS3120 Wireless Setup Mac is complete.
Canon Pixma ts3120 wireless setup

Canon Pixma ts3120 ink refill

  • Ink cartridges should be refilled when they are out of ink.
  • Open the cap of the ink cartridge.
  • Insert the syringe into the Canon Pixma Ts3120 ink cartridge towards the nozzle.
  • Pull the needle upwards and fill the cartridge with the needed quantity.
  • Refilling the cartridge again with ink can take up to 20 seconds.
  • Once you finish refilling, remove the syringe slowly upwards and clean the tip of the nozzle. Close the cartridge with the cap provided to you and insert it into the respective slots.

Canon Pixma TS3120 ink replacement

  • Open the cartridge access door while the printer is turned on. Reach us to know more about Canon Pixma Ts3120 setup process.
  • Wait until the carriage slides to one side of the printer and it becomes silent.
  • Remove the cartridges from its slot and keep it aside.
  • Unwrap the new cartridge from its package and place it slowly in its slots with the help of the indication.
  • Close the cartridge door and take a test print to ensure that you have placed it properly. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Canon Pixma TS3120 Ink Replacement process.

Canon Pixma ts3120 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is needed when any issues arise with your printer. Any kind of Canon Pixma Ts3120 troubleshooting problems can be solved using the simple solutions provided by the support team. All kinds of errors are rectified if you have the manual with you. It is provided at the time of purchase. This will help you tackle all the issues.

Canon TS3120 not printing

  • When the printer is not printing, check for any loose connections and rectify it.
  • Check if the necessary drivers are installed on your computer.
  • Also, see if there has been a paper jam in the printer. Remove if any.
  • Verify if the cartridges have enough ink to print and the input tray is loaded with an ample amount of papers.
  • If these fail to rectify the issue, then visit the nearest service center. Get more Canon Pixma Ts3120 troubleshooting tips from our technical experts.

Canon TS3120 printer not responding

  • The printer will not respond due to many reasons.
  • There can be a paper jam, connection problems, ink cartridge and installation problems, printer driver problems, etc.,
  • Verify if there is a paper jam in the printer and remove carefully.
  • Ensure if the connection between the computer and printer is intact, else connect it again.
  • Take out the ink cartridges and re-insert it or replace it with new cartridges.
  • Verify if the drivers are installed on your computer. Uninstall and re-install it to continue printing. Reach our technical experts to get instant Canon Pixma TS3120 Setup related assistance.
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