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Canon Pixma Ts9521c Setup & Installation Support

Canon Pixma Ts9521c Setup

Canon Pixma Ts9521c Setup

  • Remove the tapes and packaging cover from the printer’s box.
  • Power up the printer by long pressing the Power button for Canon Pixma Ts9521c setup process.
  • Tap the Home button on the left side of the printer’s operation panel.
  • Remove the cap from the port of the printer’s rear.
  • Secure one end of the Ethernet cable to the printer.
  • Attach the other end of the cable to the router( wireless network device).
  • Go to LAN settings within the Wireless Network option.
  • Enable/disable Wired LAN within the settings.
  • Feed in the setup disc drive, and run the file in it.
  • Follow the instructions on the installer window to proceed with the setup.

Canon Pixma ts9521c driver download and install

  • Turn on your computer, and go to the browser.
  • Visit Canon’s official site, and key in your printer model in the space provided.
  • Click Go. The site takes you to a new page with the printer’s details.
  • Move your cursor to the Drivers and Downloads section.
  • Pick your Windows OS and its version from the drop-down menu.
  • Hit the Select button placed next to the Driver package.
  • Wait for the driver file to get downloaded after clicking Download.
  • Find the Canon Pixma Ts9521c driver downloaded .exe file in the Downloads section of the browser.
  • Double-click the downloaded file and run it. Reach us to know more about Canon Pixma Ts9521c setup process.
  • Proceed the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

Canon Pixma TS9521C Manual

  • The printer manual is an illustrious guide that comes with the printer.
  • This user guide includes sections such as Basic Operation, Network connection, and Safety overview.
  • It explains the very basic functions of the printer and also illustrates printer maintenance.
  • A portion in the manual concentrating on Settings explains the process of setting desired values on the printer.
  • The Canon Pixma TS9521C manual includes answers to frequently asked questions easing the process of setting up and operating the printer.
  • The manual gives troubleshooting instructions for almost every problem the printer encounters.
  • Go to the list of support code for troubleshooting when an error message appears on the screen. Get in touch with our experts to get instant Canon Pixma Ts9521c setup related support.
  • You can also download the online manual and save it on your computer for later use.

Canon Pixma TS9521C Wireless Setup Windows

  • Tap the Link icon on the printer’s screen.
  • Select Yes on the dialog box that appears next.
  • Proceed with the instructions on the screen until the printer is detected.
  • Download the Setup file from Canon’s official site for the Canon Pixma TS9521C wireless setup purpose.
  • Double-click it, and run the downloaded file.
  • Go to Start Setup—> Next—> Select Country/Region—> Next.
  • Click Agree under the Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement.
  • Select the wireless router name on the appearing screen.
  • Type the password, and click Next.
  • Hit Next after the printer is connected to the wireless network.
  • Perform a test print
  • Choose and install the desired software applications from the list to complete the Canon Pixma Ts9521c Setup.

Canon Pixma TS9521C Wireless Setup Mac

  • Click the Link icon on the printer’s operation panel.
  • Select Yes on the dialog box that appears next.
  • Visit the official website of Canon, and download the Setup file.
  • Tap the Disc Drive icon in the Dock, and proceed with the setup process.
  • Type the Network password, and select Install Helper.
  • Go to Start Setup—> Next—>Select Country/Region.
  • Click Yes on the License Agreement dialog box.
  • Choose your printer model under the Add Printer section.
  • Click Next after adding your printer.
  • Choose and install any optional software if required for the Canon Pixma TS9521C wireless setup MAC process.

Canon Pixma ts9521c troubleshooting

Users might come across some printer issues that can be easily solved at home without the technical assistance of service centers. If the printer doesn’t turn on, check if it is securely plugged in. Upon using a USB cable, disconnect it and try reconnecting or replace the cable if it is damaged. When there is a problem with the printing, make sure the paper settings match the input paper. Delete print jobs stuck in print queue if you are printing from a computer. When an error message carrying support code appears on the screen, use the code to troubleshoot the issue.

how to reset Canon Pixma ts9521c

  • Hit the Setup icon on the Home screen of your printer.
  • Go to Settings, and tap on Reset settings.
  • Select the settings you want to reset.
  • Set the Web service settings back to the default.
  • Bring back the LAN settings to the default.
  • Change the paper size or media type settings to its default values.
  • Click Reset All if you want to revert all printer settings to the default settings.
  • Choose Yes on the dialog box prompting you to confirm the settings you want to reset.
  • The printer displays a message confirming the reset settings. Contact us to know more about Canon Pixma Ts9521c setup & reset process.
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