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Canon MF632CDW Setup Assistance

Canon MF632Cdw, the 3-in-1 printer that offers rich capabilities for high-quality prints. It is an ideal printer for your office environment. Also, it is reliable and easy to use.

Canon MF632CDW Setup

Canon MF632CDW Unboxing

Canon color imageclass mf632cdw has rich capabilities that can deliver high quality prints. It is reliable and ideal for your office purposes. It facilitates easy usage and also has a 5-inch color touch LCD panel. Follow the below points to complete the setup process

  • Check if you have received the package with a seal. If not, return the printer package to your manufacturer.
  • Take off the tapes and other packing materials from the printer.
  • Place your Canon printer on a safe and flat surface for the Canon MF632CDW setup process.
  • Plug-in the given power cable to your computer and nearby wall socket.
  • Switch On your imageclass mf632cdw printer.
  • Connect your Canon color imageclass printer and computer using a USB cable.
  • Add your printer in the Printer settings of the Control Panel.
  • Download the driver software from the given CD-ROM.

Canon MF632CDW Toner Cartridge Install

A toner cartridge is a printer component that carries the toner powder which gets transferred while printing. Follow the points below to install a toner cartridge in your printer.

  • Make sure that your machine is switched On.
  • Take out the new toner cartridge.
  • Remove the protective cover.
  • Open the Canon MF632CDW toner cartridge access door.
  • Shake the toner so that the powder gets distributed equally.
  • Place the toner cartridge and push until you hear it getting locked.
  • Close the cover after placing the toner cartridge.
  • Take a test print after completing the Canon MF632CDW setup process.
Canon MF632CDW toner cartridges

Canon MF632CDW Driver Download for Windows

A driver firmware is crucial to connect your printer and computer. Follow the process below to install the driver file.

  • Press the On button of your Canon color imageclass printer.
  • Insert the CD-ROM that came along with other accessories to download the driver firmware.
  • You can also download it from websites if your computer has no CD drive.
  • Make sure to download the right driver that matches your operating system.
  • Double-click on the Canon MF632CDW driver that is specific for Windows.
  • The .exe format of the downloaded driver file denotes that it is for Windows.
  • Run the file and install it.
  • Go to Devices and Printers and add your printer.
  • Do a test print once the Canon MF632CDW setup process is over.

Canon MF632CDW Driver Download For Mac

Installation of driver file for Canon color imageclass mf632cdw involves the following steps.

  • Keep your Canon color imageclass mf632cdw printer On.
  • Make sure to download the updated and compatible driver firmware for your printer.
  • Go to your browser and search for Canon color imageclass mf632cdw driver file.
  • Choose the Canon MF632CDW driver file that is specific for Mac.
  • Double-click on the Mac driver file.
  • The file will be downloaded in .dmg format.
  • Run and install the driver file.
  • Add your printer in the Control Panel.
  • Open any document and do a test print.

Canon MF632CDW Wireless Setup

  • Keep your printer switched On. Canon color imageclass mf632cdw
  • Go to Wireless Connect -> Easy Wireless Connect.
  • Connect your router to your printer using a USB cable.
  • Connect your Canon color imageclass mf632cdw printer to a secured network.
  • Enter the passcode to connect your printer to the network successfully.
  • Switch On your computer; using a USB cable connect it to the router.
  • Turn On your Wi-Fi connection and connect to your desired network for the Canon MF632CDW wireless setup process.
  • Open a document and do a test print.

Canon MF632CDW Scan to Computer

You can easily scan photos or documents using your Canon color imageclass mf632cdw printer. Just follow the below process to scan successfully.

  • Connect your printer and computer using a USB cable.
  • Turn On your printer for the Canon MF632CDW setup process.
  • Open the lid of the scanner so that the glass bottom is visible.
  • Place the document facing downwards on the glass bottom.
  • Maintain the page orientation according to the markings.
  • Close the scanner’s lid.
  • Go to Start-> Windows Fax and Scan and Click New Scan.
  • Choose the type and color of the document.
  • Click Preview to view the document before you scan.
  • Click Scan to scan your document.

Canon MF632CDW Troubleshooting

You can easily troubleshoot some of the errors by following the user manual. Keenly watch the light blinking pattern of your printer, it will correspond to a particular error that will be mentioned in your user manual. You can also try restarting your computer and see if your computer identifies your printer. Reach our experts to get easy Canon MF632CDW troubleshooting tips.

canon color imageclass mf632cdw Not Printing

For various reasons, your Canon color imageclass mf632cdw may not print. Check on the following point to resolve the printing issue.

  • Make sure that you have installed the updated and compatible driver for your operating system.
  • Take a look if there is any paper jam inside your printer. If any, carefully remove the jammed papers.
  • See if the toner cartridge has enough toner. If the toner cartridge is empty, refill.
  • Look out for any loose connections. Check if your printer and computer are well connected.
  • Ensure that the input tray has enough papers loaded into it.
  • Test if you have resolved the printing issue by printing a document.
  • If you are unable to fix, contact our technical support team to get instant Canon MF632CDW setup related support .
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