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Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Setup & Troubleshooting Support

Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw has a wonderful output quality. The print produced has a high quality, and it is done at a fast rate. The device is equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi features. The Image class Mf731cdw also has Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Canon Print Business. The all in one is easy to use printer is specially designed for office use.

canon imageclass mf731cdw setup

Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Setup

Canon MF731cdw is a high-quality printer that delivers print, scan, and copy functions in an efficient way. It offers mobile solutions and good paper capacity to support your business.

  • Look out for the seal in the printer package. If found missing, return it to your manufacturer.
  • Unbox your Canon MF731cdw printer from the package.
  • Remove the packing materials from the printer.
  • Check if you have received the mentioned accessories.
  • The power cord has to be plugged into the rear of the printer and wall socket.
  • Switch On your printer for Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw setup process.
  • Your printer will take some minutes to settle.
  • Open the access door and insert the toner cartridges.
  • Close the door once you have installed the cartridge.
  • Load the papers into the input tray.
  • Take a test print using your Canon MF731cdw printer.

Canon Image class MF731Cdw toner cartridges install

A toner cartridge is an important component of your Canon printer. Follow the instructions below to install a toner cartridge.

  • Turn on your Canon MF731cdw printer.
  • Remove the toner cartridge from the package.
  • Open the toner cartridge access door.
  • Shake the Canon Image Class MF731Cdw toner cartridge well before you install.
  • Place the toner inside the printer.
  • Close the toner cartridge access door.
  • Take a test print after completing the Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw setup process.
Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Toner Cartridge Install

Canon Imageclass MF731Cdw driver download

To enjoy the printing functions of your Canon MF731cdw printer, you have to download the suitable printer driver file.

  • Locate a website to download the printer driver file.
  • If not, use the given CD-ROM to download.
  • Rightly choose and download the Canon Image Class MF731Cdw driver file that matches your operating system.
  • The format of driver file for Windows operating system will be in .exe, and for Mac, it will be in .dmg.
  • Open the driver file and install it.
  • Open the driver file and install it.
  • Run the printer driver file to complete the process.
  • You will be intimated to connect the USB cable.
  • Click on the finish button once you have agreed to the terms and conditions.
  • Go to Add a Printer option under the Control panel to add your Canon imageclass printer.
  • Print a test page after checking on the updates.

Canon Imageclass MF731Cdw manual download

With the help of a manual, you can easily understand the entire functions of your Canon imageclass printer. You can troubleshoot the error that your printer might face.

  • You will receive the user manual along with your printer.
  • You can also download the user manual from the Internet.
  • Read the manual to understand the basic setup procedure of your Canon imageclass printer.
  • Make use of the Canon Image Class MF731Cdw manual to understand the error code that you might face while using your printer.
  • You can view the User manual with the help of a PDF viewer.
  • Download the PDF software, if required. Just reach our experts to know more about Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw setup process.

Canon Imageclass MF731Cdw wireless setup

For the wireless setup of your Canon imageclass MF731cdw, follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Check if your machine is connected to a network.
  • Gather the setup information like the SSID and network key.
  • Select the network settings with the help of the arrow keys.
  • You will be prompted to enter the PIN.
  • Select Wireless LAN settings -> Ok for the Canon Image Class MF731Cdw wireless setup process.
  • Go through the displayed message.
  • Select SSID settings -> Ok.
  • Choose Select Access Point -> Ok.
  • Select the Wireless LAN router.
  • Key in the Network key and press Ok. Dial us to know more about Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Setup process.

Canon Imageclass MF731Cdw duplex

By setting duplex printing, you can print on both the sides of the sheet using your MF731cdw printer.

  • Open the application software and select Properties in the Print dialog.
  • The Printing Preferences window will be displayed.
  • Tap on the Page Setup tab.
  • Tick on the checkbox against Duplex printing.
  • Check on the Automatic option to enable Automatic Duplex Printing.
  • Set Print Area Setup as required.
  • Click Ok after completing the settings.

Canon Imageclass MF731Cdw Scan to computer

You can easily Scan a document to your computer by following the below-mentions instructions.

  • Raise the scanner lid of your Canon printer.
  • Place down the document on the scanner glass.
  • View the Scan mode screen by pressing Copy / Scan.
  • Select your computer using the scroll button.
  • Choose the Scan type and Press Ok.
  • Complete the scanning process by pressing Ok.
  • Place the next one on the platen glass.
  • Choose Finish Scanning after you complete the scanning process.

Canon Imageclass MF731Cdw Paper jam

It is easy to clear a paper jam in your Canon imageclass MF731cdw printer by following the below process.

  • Hold and lift the operation panel.
  • Open the toner cover by holding the right front side.
  • Gently pull out the toner cartridge.
  • Carefully clear the paper jam.
  • Put the toner back inside the printer.
  • Check out the paper exit guide for any stuck papers.
  • Ensure there are no papers stuck in the paper cassette
  • Open the rear cover to remove any jammed paper and close it. Get in touch with our experts to get instant Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw setup related support.
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