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Canon Pixma Ts5120 Setup & Installation Support

The Canon Pixma Ts5120 is an all in one inkjet printer with good paper capacity and speed. Your mobile can be connected to the printer by using the Canon print app. Files can directly be accessed from Photo-sharing and social networking sites through the Pixma Cloud Link.

Canon Pixma Ts5120 Setup

Canon Pixma Ts5120 Setup

Canon Pixma TS5120 is an All-in-one home printer which can efficiently handle all your printing needs.

  • Peel off the sealing tapes from the printer’s shipment box.
  • Remove the protective foam cover from the printer’s packaging.
  • Verify if all the accessories listed in the checklist are available in the carton. Secure them for future use.
  • Place the printer on a flat and steady surface for the Canon Pixma Ts5120 setup process.
  • Power up the printer by connecting it to a nearby wall socket.
  • Join the printer and your computer with a USB cable.
  • Establish a wireless connection between the printer and router.
  • Insert the Setup disc drive in your computer and run the Setup file in it.
  • Continue with the setup process following the instructions on the screen.

Canon Pixma Ts5120 Ink Cartridge Install

Learn to install the ink cartridges in your Canon TS5120 printer by following the below process.

  • Raise the front cover of the printer.
  • Pull the ink cartridge tray out of the printer.
  • Take the fresh cartridge out of its package.
  • Detach the tab on the cartridge while holding it by the plastic part.
  • Shake the Canon Pixma Ts5120 ink cartridge so that the ink within distributes evenly.
  • Position the ink cartridges in their appropriate slots.
  • Push the ink cartridge tray back into its original position after placing the ink cartridges.
  • Set your desired preferences in the Print settings.
  • Feed white paper in the input tray, and perform a test print after completing the Canon Pixma Ts5120 setup process.
Canon Pixma Ts5120 Ink Cartridge

Canon Pixma Ts5120 Driver Download

A printer driver is essential to connect your computer and printer. Follow the instructions below to install a printer driver successfully.

  • Open the browser of your computer.
  • Key in your printer’s model number in the provided space in Canon’s official site.
  • Click Go. A page with the printer’s details appears on the next screen.
  • Take your cursor to the Drivers and Downloads section on the page.
  • Choose your Windows OS and its version from the drop-down menu provided.
  • Hit the Select button placed adjacent to the Driver package.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the Canon Pixma Ts5120 driver downloading process gets over.
  • Notice the downloaded driver file in the Downloads section of the browser.
  • Double-click the downloaded file and run it.
  • Proceed the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

Canon Pixma Ts5120 Manual

A Manual helps you understand your Canon TS5120 printer and its functions. Download the manual by doing the steps below. For further Canon Pixma Ts5120 setup related support just reach us.

  • Key in your printer’s model in the official site of Canon.
  • Click the Drop-down icon, and choose Manuals.
  • Pick your language from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the user manual required based on your computer’s OS.
  • Hit the Select button in the file section.
  • Go through the file details and click View.
  • Read the file that opens in PDF format.
  • Download the Canon Pixma Ts5120 manual by clicking the Download icon on the top right corner.
  • Save the file in the preferred folder of your computer.

Canon Ts5120 Wireless Setup

Enable the wireless setup of your printer for the Canon Pixma Ts5120 setup process by following the below process.

  • Turn on the printer and wait for a few minutes until the printer completes its ongoing operation.
  • Click the Home button of the printer.
  • Use the cursor buttons to select the Network option.
  • Go to LAN settings—>Wireless LAN—>Wireless LAN setup—->Easy wireless connect.
  • Download the setup file from Canon’s official site.
  • Key in the computer’s user name and password. Click Install Helper.
  • Choose your Country/Region and hit Next.
  • Check the box before the text Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement.
  • Select the wireless router to which your computer is connected for the Canon Ts5120 wireless setup process.
  • Click Next once the wireless connection is established.
  • Go to Add Printer—> AirPrint—>Next.
  • Install any optional software applications if required. Exit the setup window.

Canon Ts5120 How To Scan

You can easily scan a photo or document using your Canon Pixma TS5120 printer.

  • Power up the printer.
  • Secure the connection between the computer and your printer.
  • Place the original document/photo on the platen glass.
  • Click Scan on the printer’s operation panel.
  • Choose Save to Computer if the output destination is your computer.
  • Pick your Local(USB) name from the list if you use a USB-connected computer.
  • Select the computer name if you use a network-connected computer.
  • Set the desired preferences in the Scan settings.
  • Pick Document or Photo based on the input type.
  • Press Color button for color scanning or Black button for monochrome scanning.
  • Select the Format on the scan settings menu and start scanning.
  • Remove the original document/photo from the platen once scanning is completed. Reach us to get quick Canon Pixma Ts5120 setup related support.
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