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Canon TS8220 Setup & Installation Assistance

Canon Pixma TS8220 is a high-end wireless Inkjet All-in-one printer that has robust features facilitating everything from photos, documents and reports fast and easy. It is a sleek looking printer available in red, black and white color options. It is absolutely perfect for your everyday use.

Canon Pixma TS8220 Setup

Canon TS8220 Setup

  • Check for the seal on the package you have received. If the seal is not there, you should send it back to the manufacturer.
  • Remove the packing materials surrounding the printer for the Canon TS8220 Setup process.
  • Raise the scanner lid and remove the cover.
  • Clear the cartridge access area and the input tray from all the packing materials.
  • Now insert the power cord to the rear of the printer and to the power source.
  • Power On your printer and set the language, date, region and all the other preferences.
  • Keep a stack of paper into the input tray.
  • Wait until the carriage rests after opening the cartridge access door.
  • Unwrap the ink cartridges and avoid touching the electrical contacts or nozzles.
  • Place the given cartridges into the slot and take a test print.

Canon Pixma TS8220 Driver download & Install

It is necessary to download and install a driver in order to connect your computer and printer. You can simply download the respective driver from the available websites. Follow the below steps to know more about the Canon Pixma TS8220 driver download & install process:

  • The driver can also be installed by the CD-ROM given in the shipment box.
  • The driver gets downloaded in .exe format for Windows and .dmg format for Mac.
  • Make sure to maintain enough space in your computer before the download.
  • Double click on the downloaded driver file and click Run which is mandatory for the Canon TS8220 setup process.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and then connect your printer.
  • Click on the Finish button after the installation process is completed.
  • Click on Control Panel, select Devices and Printer and Click on Add Printer.
  • Pick out your printer from the list.
  • Click Next and complete the installation.
  • Print a test print.

Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless connect setup for Windows

  • Ensure that the Pixma TS8220 printer is turned On.
  • Look for the Wireless Connection option in the operation panel of your Canon TS8220 printer and select the LAN settings.
  • Select Easy Wireless Easy connect from the Wireless LAN setup for the Canon TS8220 setup process.
  • Select Yes in the next window and then Next, Ok? Pops up.
  • Click on the device to be connected and choose Start setup.
  • You can now opt for the preferences and the method of connection.
  • Select the router to be connected and enter the password.
  • It will take few minutes for the setup process.
  • Take a test print, once the setup is completed. Follow the above steps to make easy Canon Pixma TS8220 wireless setup for windows.

Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless connect setup for Mac

  • Use the power button to switch on your printer for the Canon TS8220 Setup process.
  • Tap on the Wireless Connect option in your printer’s control panel.
  • From the LAN settings, select Wireless LAN option.
  • Press on the Easy Wireless Connect under Wireless LAN setup and then Click Ok..
  • Click Next in your Mac system.
  • Select the Install Helper option after entering the Username and Password.
  • Set your preferences after selecting Start Setup.
  • Now select the mode of connection and the router to be connected.
  • Input the credentials and select Next.
  • In the next step, drivers will be installed.
  • To add your printer, click Add Printer option.
  • The wireless setup is now complete after adding the printer. Follow the above steps to make easy Canon Pixma TS8220 wireless setup For Mac.

How to print a Network configuration for Canon Pixma TS8220?

  • Check if your printer is turned On for the Canon TS8220 setup process.
  • Ensure that the input tray is loaded with papers.
  • Now Press the Menu button.
  • Press the down arrow and right arrow to choose Setup and then press Ok.
  • Now choose Device settings and press Ok.
  • Select the LAN settings by using the arrow keys.
  • Confirm the LAN settings using the arrow keys and press Ok.
  • Select Print LAN Details and press Ok.
  • Select Yes and then Ok to initiate printing.
  • The printer will now print the network configuration details.
Canon Pixma TS8220 Network Configuration

Paper settings Canon TS8220

Registering the media type and paper size loaded in the cassette avoids misprinting and it also displays a message when a different paper size is loaded.

  • Once you load the paper in the cassette, the registration screen will appear.
  • Press on the Ok button and register the paper size according to the paper that has been loaded.
  • After registration, if you load the cassette with a different paper size, you will be prompted with a window that will have a list of operations.
  • You can still print without changing the paper settings.

How to reset Canon TS8220?

A quick reset can sometimes fix an error in your canon printer. You can easily tackle it using the control panel of your printer.

  • Turn Off your printer.
  • For 3 seconds press and continuously hold the STOP button.
  • Press the On button and also release the STOP button.
  • Press the STOP button for 5 times while you are holding the On button.
  • Watch out for the green light to become stable.
  • Press STOP key for 5 times and press power key.
  • You will now get a print out. Place the Canon Pixma TS8220 printer paper again on the tray.
  • Press the Stop key for 3 times and then press the Power key. You will get a final print. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Canon TS8220 Setup process.

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